Reproduction and Development Platform

Platform Leader:  Dr. Andrea Jurisicova

Description: The Reproduction and Development Platform is one of the largest and best integrated groups in Reproduction and Development with exceptional national as well as international recognition. The platform exploits the immense potential for rapid advances in translational medicine by fostering effective clinical – basic science collaboration among investigators on campus and in the nearby hospitals.  Faculty in the Platform investigate important clinical and basic research questions with the goal of advancing our understanding of reproductive physiology, pregnancy, as well as embryonic and fetal development. Members apply a range of approaches from cell culture to in vivo whole animal studies, to evaluate the function of single molecules or entire genomes. Synergy across disciplines from conception to adulthood is encouraged because prenatal and postnatal health is not independent. It is clear that appropriate early development is critical to cardiovascular, metabolic, and mental health in adulthood. Research underway by Platform members focuses on the causes, preventions, and cures for infertility, fetal maldevelopment of the kidney, lung, brain and placenta, preeclampsia, preterm birth, and ovarian cancer. Faculty research programs are housed either in the Medical Sciences Building on campus or in affiliated teaching hospitals and research institutes within walking distance of the main campus. For details on research areas of focus please refer to the websites of programs involving Platform faculty and those of individual faculty using the links below.

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