SCS2159 - Support


  1. Discussion Board – 24/7 access - (monitored constantly by the lecturers and the TAs)
  2. Virtual TA office hours (live interaction with TAs allowing group discussion and instant feedback)
  3. Direct access to coordinators and lecturers


Students are actively encouraged to answer questions posted by their fellow classmates enrolled in the course. Responses are monitored and verified by the teaching faculty.


Experienced Teaching Assistants are available to answer and clarify any questions that you might have regarding lecture material during their office hours and will monitor the discussion board and answer any questions.

"As your TA, I am available to answer questions you might have pertaining to course content, technical inquiries, tips on how to succeed and/or whatever might be bothering you. I would encourage you to first try and figure out technical problems on your own, but if you are still having trouble, please do not hesitate to contact me. Just so you are all aware, emails containing questions about course content will be posted anonymously on the discussion board so that everyone has the opportunity to learn from the answers. I would encourage students to post queries on the discussion board."


Communication with the course lecturers regarding academic inquiries. Instructors are available during their lecture component to address any questions students might have regarding the material. School of Continuing Studies will handle all administrative issues, including technical support. The course coordinator will be responsible for the online material.


  1. Who offers this course? The Physiology Department at the University of Toronto, in collaboration with the School of Continuing Studies.
  2. Who are the instructors/course directors? The lectures are prepared and presented by University of Toronto professors
  3. Who can take this course? The course is open to local and international students, professionals, and private individuals. It is ideal for students who require a full credit course in physiology as a prerequisite for entrance into professional programs in the health sciences. This course is NOT available to students already registered in degree programs at any of the three campuses of the University of Toronto.
  4. What are the course fees? Please see the School of Continuing Studies web site for payment of fees methods and payment deadlines.
  5. How do I pay my fees? Please see the School of Continuing Studies web site for payment of fees methods and payment deadlines.
  6. How do I register? Click on the Register Now link
  7. How do I know that I've been accepted? SCS states that for online registration the student will "Simply choose your course, and click on Request to Register. You will be prompted to create your own personal file, and then to enter your Visa, MasterCard or American Express payment information. You will know within seconds that your payment has been authorized and your place in the course has been secured".
  8. When do I get my grades and what kind of certificate/diploma do I get? Shortly after completing the course, the School of Continuing Studies will issue Grade Report to the student.
  9. How long is the course? The fall and winter sessions of SCS2159 will run for 17 weeks, while the summer session will be an accelerated 13 weeks.
  10. What is the schedule for the course? Important dates for the fall, winter and summer sessions can be found in the Register Now section of this web site.
  11. What can I do with this course? SCS2159 is intended for individuals who have an interest in learning in depth about physiology, and for students who are preparing for entry into medical school, dental school, or other health professional program and require a full course equivalent in introductory physiology. The content of SCS2159 Basic Human Physiology is equivalent to a full year course in introductory physiology course typically given in the second and third year of university. Before registering, students planning to use this course for admission or as a requirement to any academic program or as a prerequisite to any other course are strongly advised to get confirmation from the institution to which they are applying that this course will meet the requirements.
  12. What is the textbook for this course? The required textbook is: Principles of Human Physiology.Germann and Stanfield, Benjamin Cummings + PhysioEx, Laboratory Simulations in Physiology.
  13. I missed a quiz. Can I take it again? No. If you miss a quiz you will receive a grade of 0 for that quiz.
  14. Where do I take my exam? Examinations can be arranged anywhere in the world. The examination is conducted by the School of Continuing Studies on a group basis by location at invigilated examination centres. Candidates must use pre-established centres if possible and you may be required to travel up to 30 km. If, for good reason, you cannot write at one of the established centres, a form is provided to request another location.
  15. How do I get my marks? Upon completion of the course, the School of Continuing Studies will issue a Letter of Completion and a Grade Report to the student.
  16. What is Quercus? The course is presented and administered through the Quercus learning platform. Quercus is a web based user-friendly interface that allows students to access the course documents, video lectures and online quizzes. The course discussion board can be used for extensive communication between the instructors, TAs and other students enrolled in the course. Learn how to access Quercus at this address:
  17. I lost/forgot my password. How do I get a new password? If you lose your password, getting a new one is easy. Simply write to or call 416-978-2412 to request for a temporary one.


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