Graduate Professional Development Course

Did you know?

  • The Department of Physiology offers a unique Professional Development Course for all Graduate Students under the PSL2000 course shell.  
  • The course is mandatory for PhD students, but MSc students are highly encouraged to enroll and benefit from this offering as well.
  • This unique six-session course is coordinated by Professor Helen Miliotis, and complemented by distinguished professionals in diverse careers as guest-speakers.
  • Each session is designed to get you thinking about your distinctive skills and interests, and how to translate these into a fulfilling career.

Learners will:

  • Explore career paths both in academia and beyond
  • Set a professional development plan
  • Attain practical job search and application strategies, communication, and collaboration skills
  • Learn to effectively network and market themselves to stand out from the crowd.

Take this course if you want to graduate:

  • Well-prepared for and informed about today’s competitive workforce.
  • Ready to play to and communicate your own unique strengths
  • Empowered to navigate the range of choices, pathways, and opportunities that follow graduation.

Former students say:

"One of the best things this course does is it presents options outside of academia as natural a continuation of our career, in addition to options within academia. I found It extremely helpful to understand all options available in order for us to achieve our fulI potential."

“I attended a number of career events before this course, but I didn’t really put what I have learned into action.  This course made me do the work which enhanced my learning.  I feel more prepared now because I already practiced what I learned.”

Enroll today:

Email us for more information or to enroll in this unique component of our Graduate Programming.