SCS2159 - Evaluation

2159 - Basic Human Physiology Registration

School of Continuing Studies


Course Evaluation: Student Assessment has three (3) components:

1. Four to Five (4 to 5) web-based quizzes contribute towards the term mark which accounts for 45% of the course grade. Each quiz is 30 minutes long and will include 20 multiple choice questions, with either one most CORRECT or one most INCORRECT choice.

  1. The web-based quizzes are available for 24 hours starting at 12:00AM Eastern Time on Monday morning until 11:59PM Eastern Time on Monday night.
  2. It is your responsibility to arrange your schedule to write the quizzes.
  3. Once you start the quiz on the web, the system will WARN you at the 30 minute point.
  4. Each quiz will include material covered (both in lectures and PhysioEx) in the previous weeks prior to the quiz (see schedule of dates for details).
  5. Each of you will take the quiz independently without any aids (either the textbook or any other physiology textbook or PhysioEx).
  6. Please ensure to take the quiz earlier in the day rather than attempting to take it in the last minute to accommodate any potential systems crash or other internet problems.
  7. If your computer system or your internet access is not reliable, you MUST access the quiz from a reliable (preferably wired) access point, such as your public library.
  8. If you are unable to take the quiz within the specified period, you will receive a mark of ZERO for that quiz. THERE WILL NOT BE A MAKE-UP QUIZ IF YOU MISS A QUIZ.
  9. Please do NOT use the discussion board during the time when the quiz is in progress on Mondays. Once you have written the quiz, please do not discuss the questions with anyone.
  10. Please review the University of Toronto's Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.

2. The final examination will account for 50% of the course grade. The final examination is 3-hours (multiple choice questions) long and will be held on (TBA). All the lecture material presented in the course and all PhysioEx exercises are included in the final examination. For further details, click on the Final Examination button on the course webpage. Practice questions may be found in the text, Principles of Human Physiology, W.J. Germann & C.L. Stanfield.

3. Participation will account for 5%. Participation marks are assigned for regular and constructive contributions to online discussions.

~30% of our past students who have completed the course have received a grade of 80% (A) and above