Faculty of Medicine Full Funding Policies

The University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, and therefore the Department of Physiology, require Full Funding of all Doctoral Stream students for the term proscribed by the University of Toronto. In general the Full Funding period is for a minimum and maximum of five years. Each Graduate Supervisor appointed through the Department of Physiology must provide funding at a minimum, or greater level, for this period of five years. Funding to achieve this minimum generally will come either from the grants to the supervisor, or from scholarships and competitive awards directly to the student, or from a combination of both. It is the policy of the Faculty of Medicine that income derived from Teaching Assistantships can not be counted towards or used to achieve the minimum required stipend. Graduate students will not be accepted into any laboratory in the absence of this commitment to Full Funding.

Please note that once a student has been in Doctoral Stream for more than five years, the guarantee of Full Funding is terminated. Definitions of Doctoral Stream as well as further details of funding policies for the Department of Physiology are available by contacting the graduate coordinator of the Department of Physiology.

There are a large number of bursaries, scholarships and loans open to graduate students. It is the responsibility of the student to search for appropriate funding.