Information for International Students

Physiology strongly encourages applications from students outside Canada.

International applicants will be considered for a limited number of scholarship awards and for possible reservation of accommodation at Graduate House, the graduate student residence. This is available to only the top ranked international applicants.

You may wish to read more information about potential financial support and housing services.

International Students are assessed for admission into the Department of Physiology using the same criterion as for domestic students, with additional language requirements. The International Degree Equivalencies list will help you determine the equivalency of your international degree to a University of Toronto degree. Qualifications from a number of educational systems around the world are listed and the academic standings indicated are normally accepted as equivalent to a University of Toronto mid-B grade average.

Candidates who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents are not eligible for consideration for many Canadian scholarship programs. Also, in funding programs where citizenship is not a restriction, fellowship values are unlikely to be sufficient to cover both the high costs of international student fees and living expenses. International applicants are therefore encouraged to investigate in their home country all possible sources for funding for their proposed study in Canada. Information on some Government of Canada and other international awards should be available from the nearest Canadian Embassy or local education ministry.

Research assistantships supported by some granting agencies may be restricted to students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Permanent resident status can only be obtained by application from outside Canada.

Visas and Immigration

Anyone wishing to study in Canada who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident must obtain an entry visa and student authorization before entering Canada. Under no circumstances should a student leave for Canada until confirmation of acceptance for admission to the University of Toronto, and an entry visa and student authorization have been received. It is not possible to change from visitor to student status within Canada.

The Centre for International Experience provides a variety of services that promote and support international education at the university. Visit their site for information on visas and immigration.

Staff are also available on site at The Centre to share their knowledge on everything from immigration, crossing cultures and opportunities abroad, to tips on how to successfully adapt to Canadian society.

International Fees Exemptions

If you are not a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or a Native Person, you must pay the international student fee unless you are exempt in one of the categories defined here. If you qualify for and claim exemption under one of these provisions, you must present supporting documentation to your Registrar's Office at the beginning of the session.