Admission Decision

  • Applicants who do not meet the minimum¬†admission requirements¬†will not be considered for admission to the graduate program in Physiology.
  • Meeting the minimum requirements of the School of Graduate Studies and the Department of Physiology does not necessarily guarantee admission.

The admission decision is based on the overall evaluation of the application, including transcripts, letters of reference, autobiographical essay, assessment of the applicant's qualifications according to the standards set by the Department of Physiology and the School of Graduate Studies, and assessment of the potential for success in the graduate program. The Committee's decision is not based on any single factor but on the overall evaluation of the application.

Deliberations of the Graduate Studies Committee are confidential and no appeal of rejection will be permitted. Candidates who are not successful in gaining entry to Graduate Studies in the Department of Physiology might consider the option of taking an additional year of undergraduate studies in order to improve their marks and/or background in Physiology or appropriate basic sciences, and then re-apply for the following year.

Upon acceptance for admission to the Physiology graduate program, the candidate will be sent by mail an initial Letter of Offer from the School of Graduate Studies. Receipt of this letter means that you have been tentatively accepted for admission. The Letter of Offer will contain conditions which must be satisfied before the Final Offer of Admission will be issued. In addition to the conditions set out by the School of Graduate Studies, the Department may have further conditions which will be outlined in a separate letter from the Department and included in the envelope with the Letter of Offer.