PSL190H1S – Biomedical Research at the Cutting Edge

Course Coordinator/Lecturer: Dr. M. French

Learn about the latest advances in biomedical research in a unique small first-year course (max. 30 students)!

Two biomedical researchers will visit the classroom to present recent discoveries from their laboratories. Each visit will be followed by a series of classes designed by Dr. French who will guide you step-by-step through each presentation. Via this process, you will learn how to develop testable questions, select suitable experimental approaches and interpret results. The researchers will then return to the classroom giving you an opportunity to ask questions and demonstrate your new knowledge.

During the course, you will also learn how to find and analyze scientific papers and how to present research findings to others. Undergraduate research opportunities that you might wish to pursue will also be discussed, and you will be supported in the application process.

Class time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 12:10 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. starting January 2024.

Eligibility: This course is open to newly admitted first-year, life science degree students with fewer than four university credits.

How to enroll: You can enroll anytime via ROSI.

What former PSL190H students say about the course

  • Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing.
  • Love this course! Helped me advance my skills and thinking a great deal!
  • I learned a lot and it was a nice change from my other courses.
  • Thank you for the best course of the year!!!