Professor  |  Emeritus

Ze'ev Seltzer

Neuroscience Platform


University of Toronto Centre for the Study of Pain and Program in Neuroscience, Faculty of Dentistry, Room 372, 124 Edward St. , Toronto, Ontario Canada
Research Interests
Work in the lab ranges from molecular genotyping of human and rodent DNA samples to phenotyping pain in humans and rodent models of neuropathy, including pharmacology, immunohistochemistry, behaviour and electrophysiology.

Research Synopsis

Keywords: Peripheral nerve, dorsal root ganglia, trigeminal ganglion, spinal dorsal horn, trigeminal brainstem nuclear complex, pain behaviour, modeling pain in rodents, analgesia, mice, rats, humans, gender effects, plasticity, population genetics, molecular genomics, pharmacognentics, phenomics, transcriptomics.

Emeritus Professor - no longer accepting students