Associate Professor

Paul Frankland

Neuroscience Platform


Program in Neuroscience & Mental Health, Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute, 555 University Ave., Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 1X8
Research Interests
Mouse genetic models of cognitive function and dysfunction.

Degrees: PhD, 1996

Affiliations: Program in Neuroscience & Mental Health, HSC

Research Synopsis

Research Interests: Mouse genetic models of cognitive function and dysfunction.

Keywords: Learning/ memory/ genetically-engineered mice/ hippocampus/ cortex/ adult neurogenesis.

Detailed Description: The general goal of our research program is to understand how our brains normally encode, store and retrieve information. By combining mouse-genetic, molecular biology, immunohistochemical and behavioral approaches we currently focus on two major questions: First, to understand how memories are initially encoded in the hippocampus, and, in particular, how adult neurogenesis might contribute to this process; Second, to understand how these memories are subsequently transformed into lifelong (or remote) memories in the cortex for long-term storage. Understanding how these basic processes work is an essential stepping stone in developing more effective treatment strategies for memory dysfunction, whether associated with normal aging, disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, or resulting from stroke or trauma.


Cell and tissue culture: Hippocampal cells, neurons.

Procedures: Behavioural tests, immunohistochemistry, micro and macrostimulation of peripheral nerves and central brain structures, western blot, EEG.


Blotting apparatus, confocal microscope, culture hood, culture incubators, cryostat, fluorescence microscope, gel apparatus, infusion apparatus, low- and high-speed centrifuge, low and ultralow freezers, microwave oven, mini vortexer, vibratome, water baths.


Grad students:
Frances Xia
Bonny Hou
Lina Tran
Patrick Steadman
Lyn van Kampen
Adam Santoro
Axel Guskjolen
Aijing Gao

Jana Husse
Leonardo Restivo
Yosuke Niibori
Jon Epp
Gisella Vetere
Justin Kenney


Recent Publications


Primary: Psychology; Cross-Appointment: IMS