Teaching Assistantships

Whenever possible, graduate students are encouraged to demonstrate or teach in Physiology courses for at least one full term, and the Department makes efforts to create opportunities for this activity. Demonstrating is considered to be an important part of training in Physiology. Remuneration is based on the number of hours of actual demonstrations, with allowance for preparation time, in accordance with current contract arrangements with the Teaching Assistants' Union.

It is expected that all demonstrators will be familiar with the apparatus and experiments in the Division of Teaching Laboratories. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have this expertise before being hired as a Teaching Assistant. The Department may provide facilities and instructions if necessary for you to gain this familiarity. The training experience gained in demonstrating is advantageous in subsequent applications for positions.

The limited budget for teaching provided to the Department by the central administration may restrict the number of teaching assistant positions (or hours) that are available.