Summary of What Doctoral Students Must Do

1. Meet the minimum course requirements within the time period set by the School of Graduate Studies.

The School of Graduate Studies requires that PhD students complete all program requirements exclusive of thesis at the end of year 3 (year 4 for direct-entry students).

2. Complete all requirements of the Mandatory Seminar Course (PSL2000H

3. Complete the requirement of PSL1066H CIHR proposal

4. Complete all laboratory and research work

5. Meet annual requirements for meeting with your supervisory committee and file your annual report each year

Supervisory Committee Meetings and Annual Reports

6. Complete a draft of your thesis. You are also required to have a "final supervisory committee meeting'. This final committee will either recommend revisions etc. and also will or will not make a recommendation that you proceed to the Final Oral Exam.

Final Supervisory Committee Meeting

Recommendations for an external examiner and internal examiners will be made by this committee, yourself and your supervisor. Consult student guide for timelines.

7. Defend your thesis at an examination set by the School of Graduate Studies.

Final Oral Examination

8.Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Submission