PSL498Y - Project in Physiology

Coordinator:   Dr. A. Gramolini

Pre-requisites:  PSL304H1, PSL305H1, PSL372H1F, PSL374H1S

Description:  Students will carry out original laboratory research under the guidance of a PHYSIOLOGY staff member. Students are responsible for locating their own Physiology supervisor. Review the list of potential physiology supervisors for students wishing to take PSL498Y. The listing includes contact numbers and a brief description of the professor's area of research interest. The subject of each student's project is arrived at by mutual agreement between student and Physiology supervisor.

Acceptance into PSL498Y is based on an overall average within the B (73-76%) range and students must have at least a B+ average in PSL304H, PSL305H, PSL372H1F and PSL374H1S.

Students with exceptional academic background but missing some of the requirements may be admitted with permission of the Course Coordinator. Students in Biophysics program may substitute Physics practical courses for PSL372H1F/374H1S.  If you have any questions concerning your eligibility, please contact the Course Coordinator.

Students will not be able to request this course on ROSI. A ballot form must be completed and submitted to the Physiology Office for approval by the Course Director. Ballot forms are available in the Physiology Undergraduate Office, MSB 3368. After approval, the course will be entered on the student's course list by Physiology Office staff.

There will be an orientation meeting of this course in September, at that time the Course Director will discuss expectations for the course, answer students' questions and distribute the marks breakdown schedule.

PSL498Y is not offered in the summer session.

Evaluation:  Evaluation is based on a research proposal (15%), a final oral presentation (25%), and a written report (40%), and the supervisor's assessment of laboratory performance (20%).

Ballot:  PSL498Y Ballot Form PSL498Y ballot 2024-2025.pdf

Deadline: August 25, 2023