PSL472H1S - Sleep Physiology and Chronobiology

Tuesdays 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Coordinator:  Dr. R.L. Horner

Prerequisites: A minimum of a B- grade in a basic systems physiology course ( PSL300H, Human Physiology or ZOO 252Y, Introductory Animal Physiology) is required.

Description:  The overall objectives are for undergraduate and graduate students to understand (a) the basic physiology and neurobiology underlying sleep and circadian mechanisms, and (b) their impact on important physiological processes. Students will learn that most, if not all, fundamental homeostatic physiological mechanisms are sleep-state dependent. At all stages of the course, the integrative nature of these basic physiological processes will be emphasized. This concept will be further reinforced as the students learn to understand the relevance of these basic physiological mechanisms to normal health and common clinical disorders.

Evaluation:  Two term tests / Assignments and a Final examination

Format:  There will be a total of twelve weekly sessions in the winter term (Jan to April), each consisting of a lecture/discussion lasting 2 hours.

Texts:  Recommended: PSL 303Y (Topics in Cellular, Molecular and Organismic Physiology), JZP 326H (Biological Rhythms), ZOO 346S (Comparative Respiratory Physiology), ZOO 332H (Neurobiology).

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