PSL470H1S - Developmental Cardiovascular Physiology

Thursdays - 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Coordinator:  Dr. V. Guerra

Description:  This course covers the development of the cardiovascular system from conception to adulthood with particular emphasis on the progressive maturational changes from fetus to adult, age related differences and developmental problems.

Topics include:

  • Embryology and fetal development (cardiac and pulmonary development; fetal cardiac metabolism; fetal cardiac regulation; fetal circulation; fetal hemoglobin; maternal/fetal interaction and its implications; congenital anomalies).
  • Post-natal changes at birth (pressure changes; circulatory changes; unique aspects of newborn circulation; blood; metabolism; neonatal cardiac/vascular regulation; congenital anomalies-effects and treatment).
  • Maturational changes in the cardiopulmonary system from infancy to adulthood (structural; functional; metabolic; regulatory mechanisms).

The course is intended for students particularly interested in issues in developmental cardiovascular physiology including age related problems in maternal/fetal interaction, newborn and infant through to adult.

Prerequisites: PSL(300H, 301H)/302Y1

Evaluation:  Term test (1) - 25%; Term test (2) - 30%; Final Exam - 45%

Format: Lectures and discussion groups

Jan 10: Intro to developmental cv physiology (Wittnich);
Maternal-fetal circulation I (maternal circulation) (Adamson)

Jan 17: Maternal-fetal circulation II (placental circulation) (Adamson)

Jan 24: Maternal-fetal circulation III (fetal circulation) (Adamson)

Jan 31: Term test I – short answer (worth 25% of final grade); Rm TBA;
Fetal heart function (Jaeggi)

Feb 7: Genetic control of cardiovascular development (Scott)

Feb 14: Development of the vasculature (Fish)

Feb 21: Reading week undergraduate

Feb 28: Term test II - short answer (cumulative)(worth 30% of final grade); Room TBA
Metabolic postnatal development (Wittnich)

Mar 7: Immunology of cardiac development (Conway);
Transplantation for the young (Conway)

Mar 14: Congenital heart disease I (Hickey/Van Arsdell)

Mar 21: Congenital heart disease II (Hickey/Van Arsdell)

Mar 28: Myocardial protection & fetal heart surgery (Hickey/Van Arsedell)

April 4: Wet lab – pathology specimens congenital defects (Hickey/Van Arsedell)

Final Exam – short answer cumulative (worth 45% of final grade); Rm TBA