PSL310H - Clinical Reasoning

PSL310H1S - CLINICAL REASONING ***will not be offered 2021-22***

Course Coordinator: TBA

Course Description: Improved clinical reasoning will reduce the current likelihood that most people will suffer at least one medical diagnostic error, errors that contribute to ~10% of patient deaths. Learn to apply strategies of critical thinking and principles of physiology to solve clinical cases. Shadow a healthcare professional.

Not eligible for CR/NCR option. Rational – students work on independent study which includes health care placements, the course is restricted to Physiology Specialists and Majors as part of their program, all assessments during the course are required for successful and professional completion of shadowing component (if available).

Prerequisites: BCH210H1, BIO230H1, PSL300H1, PSL301H, PSL372H1

Exclusion: HMB322H1