Programs of Study

The Department offers programs leading to the MSc and PhD degrees. To do research in physiology, a strong undergraduate science background, including physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics including calculus is recommended. However, candidates with majors in disciplines other than biology, e.g. chemistry, physics, mathematics, or engineering, are encouraged to apply if they have an interest in physiology. Such students will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge of physiology during the training program. Graduate course work appropriate to each student is determined in consultation with the student, the supervisor, and an advisory committee. Experience in both research and teaching is emphasized.

For the MSc Degree, training period is based on a research project and the writing of a thesis. Depending on the student's background, additional course work may be taken. The emphasis is on training in research.

For the PhD Degree, original research and production of a thesis representing a significant contribution to the area of the research is required. The emphasis is on excellence in research.  The MD/PhD and MD/MSc programs offer opportunities for those who wish to become trained in both research and clinical medicine. These programs are administered within the Faculty of Medicine, and research training may be taken within any of the basic science Departments with a graduate program, including the Department of Physiology. The goal of the graduate training programs is to produce well-trained individuals who can think creatively and do forefront research.