Aug 24, 2022

U of T & Karolinska Institute Exchange 2022

U of T & Karolinska Exchange 2022

Developmental & Perinatal Biology 2022 (Toronto, August 18-24)

24th Annual Exchange in developmental and perinatal biology between The University of Toronto and The Karolinska Institute (Sweden).

The research course has been developed to provide a broad-based interdisciplinary training for graduate students, research fellows, clinical fellows and residents in the area of developmental biology from both basic science and clinical perspectives. The workshop combines a lecture/seminar program with an active research component. This year we have experienced similar enthusiasm, with 4 Faculty and 12 Trainees attending from Sweden along with 22 Trainees from The University of Toronto. In addition, a large number of Faculty from across the University of Toronto will contribute to the course. The organization of this type of course requires a considerable input of energy. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank those on the organizing committee for helping to put the exciting course program together, and to Fredrik Lanner for co-ordinating the Swedish side of the exchange. We would also like to thank Victoria De Luca, Bona Kim, and Christopher Casciaro who have provided invaluable organizational support. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to the Department of Physiology (University of Toronto), our sponsors, many of whom have provided continuous support over the last 24 years, and who have made Developmental & Perinatal Biology 2022 possible. Please accept our warmest welcome to what we hope will be an exciting academic and social experience! 

Dr. Stephen G. Matthews and Dr. Brian Cox