JCV3063H - Advanced Topics in Cardiovascular Sciences: Vascular (not offered 2015-16)

Course Coordinator:

S. Heximer


This course is one of a set of four advanced seminar half-credit courses dealing with current research areas in the cardiovascular system. Specifically, JCV3063H covers all aspects of the vascular system from genetic to molecular, including developmental biology, the diseased state and clinical treatments.

Areas that may be covered include:

  • The elastic matrix of vascular tissue: regulation of synthesis and assembly and role in vascular pathology

  • Angiogenesis/Vasculogenesis

  • Platelets

  • Vascular response to angioplasty injury

  • Role of smooth muscle in vascular responses

  • Pathology of arterial bypass grafts

  • Pathogenesis of atherosclerosis: investigations of cellular and molecular mechanisms

  • Microvascular tissue perfusion

  • Mechanisms of leukocyte recruitment to the atherosclerotic plaque

  • Hemodynamics in cardiovascular disease

  • Pulmonary vasculature

  • Current status of vascular surgery

For the complete course outline, visit http://www.cscp.utoronto.ca




Grading will be based on a manuscript critique (20%), oral presentation (30%), written essay (40%) and participation (10%).


Enrolment restrictions: Graduate students or research fellows interested in heart research. Preference will be given to students enrolled in the Cardiovascular Sciences Collaborative Program.