Graduate Student Initiatives

Graduate students in Physiology contribute greatly to the intellectual environment of the Department. The annual 'Frontiers in Physiology' (FIP) Symposium, organized and largely financed through graduate student initiative, provides an opportunity for both students and faculty to present recent research findings and the latest hypotheses. The Graduate Association of Students in Physiology (GASP) provides both social opportunities and input into the Department. Graduate students are encouraged to participate in the Department's professional and social activities, and to take advantage of all available resources within the Department and the University.

Discussion and seminar groups have developed around graduate student and faculty interests. The Neuroscience Seminars often draw neuroscientists from the whole University. The Endocrinology and Diabetes Discussion Group is a focal point for graduate students from several locations on campus. The Cardiovascular and Renal Discussion Group is a very active force.

A rich seminar program exists in the Department. Endowed lectureships bring in major figures in Physiology each year to generate intellectual excitement and interaction for both graduate students and faculty. A university-wide neuroscience lecture series brings in additional outstanding scientists.