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If you are planning on recruiting a summer research assistant, please complete the following form. Once submitted, a copy of the form will automatically be forwarded to the Physiology Business Office for review. You will be contacted by Paula Smellie (Business Manager, Physiology) regarding your request and any next steps required to complete the recruitment process. Please do not extend a written offer of summer employment to a student until you have been contacted by Paula.

Supervisor Information

Summer Research Assistant Information

Please provide a brief description of the project the summer student will be working on and list any specific expectations for the summer student.
Please provide the funding source from which the stipend will be paid.
Please indicate whether or not the student will be returning to graduate or undergraduate studies in September (can be at any post-secondary institution)
Will be registering in the following program in September:*

Banking Information

Please attach a completed Bank Authorization Form or a scanned copy of a void cheque. You may access a link to the Bank Authorization Form by cutting and pasting into your browser.
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