Scott Thomas

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Platform


Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, 55 Harbord Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada
Research Interests
aging, blood flow regulation, Hypertension, chronic heart failure

Research Synopsis

Research Interests:
Exercise Physiology, Whole body human physiology
Exercise and cardiovascular health
Blood pressure regulation in response to acute and chronic exercise
Exercise and appetite regulation
Exercise and physical performance


Rob Rupf. PhD Student. Circadian Rhythms and responses to training in elite athletes.
Danielle Bentley. PhD Student. Isometric Handgrip Exercise Protocol on Short-term and Long-term Blood Vessel Measurements in Post-menopausal Women
Gabriela Melo-Ghisi. PhD Student. Patient Education in Cardiac Rehabilitation: the role of knowledge on behavior change and its mediators
Tsai Ming-Chang Tsai. PhD Student. Modeling Training and Performance in the Context of the Critical Power Relation


Outside of the Department of Physiology
Jack Goodman, Grad Dept Exercise Sciences/ U of Toronto/Canada
Rob Nolan, Behavioral Cardiology UHN, Toronto General Hospital/Canada
Harvey Anderson, Dept Nutrition/U of Toronto/Canada
Paul Oh, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute UHN/Canada


Recent Publications


Lakin RA, Notarius C, Thomas SG, Goodman JM (2013). Effects of moderate-intensity aerobic cycling and swim exercise on post-exertional blood pressure in healthy, young untrained and triathlon-trained men and women Clin Sci (Lond). 125():543-553. PMID: 23763298

Liu S, Dunford SD, Leung YW, Brooks D, Thomas SG, Eysenbach G, Nolan RP. (2013). Reducing Blood Pressure With Internet-Based Interventions: A Meta-analysis. Canadian J Cardiology 29(5):613-21

Bentley DC, Khan SN, Oh P, Grace S, Thomas SG. (2012). Physical activity behaviour 2-6 years following cardiac rehabilitation: a socio-ecological analysis. Clinical Cardiology 36(2):96–102, 2013 PMID:23280429

Liu S, Goodman J, Nolan R, Lacombe S, Thomas S (2012) Acute Post-Exercise Hypotension and Blood Pressure Reduction with Chronic Training are Strongly Associated in Pre-hypertensives. .Med Sci Sport Exercise. 44(9):1644-1652.



Primary: Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education
Graduate Department of Exercise Sciences