Associate Professor

John Peever

Neuroscience Platform


Laboratory for Sleep Research, Department of Cell & Systems Biology, University of Toronto, 25 Harbord St., Toronto, Ontario Canada M5S 3G5
Research Interests
Neurobiology of sleep and sleep disorders

Research Synopsis

Keywords: Sleep, REM sleep, Sleep disorders, Narcolepsy, Electrophysiology, Optogenetics, Pharmacogenetics.

Detailed Description: y lab studies the cell systems that trigger normal REM sleep and how breakdown in these systems causes sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, REM sleep behavior disorder and sleep-disordered breathing. We use translational approaches to bridge our understanding of brain function and physiology for application to human disease. My research team uses electrophysiology, optogenetics, pharmacogenetics (e.g., DREADDs technology) to dissect the brain circuits that control sleep.


Cell and tissue culture: Brain slice, neurons.

Procedures: Behavioural tests, EEG, electrophysiology, HPLC, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, in-vitro electrophysiology, in-vivo electrophysiology, in-vivo hypothalamus immunocytochemistry, in-vivo recording of local field potentials, intracellular injection, stereotaxic brain surgery, vagotomy, vessel cannulation, western blot.


Analytical balances, benchtop centrifuge, blotting apparatus, cryostat, dissecting microscope, electrophysiology rig, fluorescence microscope, fresh tissue sectioning systems, gel apparatus, HPLC, infusion apparatus, low- and high-speed centrifuge, micropipette puller, microwave oven, mini vortexer, motorized micromanipulators, pneumatic picopump, rat running wheels, setups for electropherosis, stimulator, stirrer/hot plate, vibratome, water baths.


Peter Schwarz
Nicole Yee
Jimmy Fraigne
Paul Sanghera
Zoltan Torontali
Sharshi Bulner
Matthew Snow
Simon Lui
Jenn LaPierre
Daniel Li
Elaheh Soleimannejad


Outside the Department of Physiology:
John Roder, TCP/UofT
Melanie Woodin, Cell & Systems Biology, UofT
Junchul Kim, Psychology/UofT
Antoine Adamatidis, Psychology/McGill
Pierre Luppi, Biology/Lyon/France
Scammell Tom, Neurobiology/Harvard/USA
Jerry Siegel, Psychiatry/UCLA/USA
Tohru Kodama, Neuroscience/Toyko/Japan

Recent Publications


Primary: Cell & Systems Biology