Associate Professor

Howard Mount

Neuroscience Platform


Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases, University of Toronto, Krembil Discovery Tower, Rm. 6KD446, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5T 2S8
Research Interests
Research in Dr. Mount's lab focuses on discerning signaling defects in knockout and transgenic mouse models of ataxia telangiectasia, Alzheimers' and Parkinson's disease.

Research Synopsis

Keywords: Alzheimer’s disease, Animal Models, ataxia telangiectasia, biogenic amines, Brain, CNS, cortex, emotion, energy homeostasis, fear, hippocampus, learning, memory, motor behaviour, neuropharmacology, pain, Parkinson’s disease, signal transduction, stress.


Cell and tissue cultures: primary neuronal culture (cerebellar Purkinje cells, granule cells, cortical neurons, ventral mesencephalic neurons) Procedures: Behavioural tests, Elisa, HPLC, Immunocytochemistry, Western blot.


Analytical balances, benchtop centrifuge, blotting apparatus, culture hood, culture incubators, dissecting microscope, fluorescence microscope, gel apparatus, HPLC (Dionex HPLC-UV &HPLC-EC systems), infusion apparatus, microwave oven (Muromachi Brain Fixation System: 10; KWatt microwave with mouse applicator), plate reader, real-time/Thermocycler, setups for eletropherosis, stirrer/hot plate, water baths.


Keith Ho


Richard Bazinet, Dept. Nutrition & Food Science, Univ Toronto
Margaret Fahnestock, McMaster Univ, Hamilton, Canada
Kevin Kain, Dept. Medicine, Univ Toronto
Jean Mariani, Inst. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France
JoAnne McLaurin , Dept. Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, Univ Toronto
Janice Robertson, Dept. Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, Univ Toronto
Brian Robinson, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ Toronto
Gerold Schmitt-Ulms, Dept. Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, Univ Toronto
Lena Serghides, McGlaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health, Univ Toronto
Anurag Tandon, Dept. Medicine, Univ Toronto

Committee member of national/international scientific organization

Associate Editor, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Research


Primary:Psychiatry / Primary Graduate: Institute of Medical Science / Cross-appointment: Medicine (Div. Neurology)