Department of Physiology

Student/Supervisor Annual Assessment Meeting

In an attempt to encourage more open and constructive discussions between students and supervisors, we are introducing an assessment form that will provide a platform to guide communication about progress in the graduate program. After the Annual Report Committee Meeting, the Supervisor must complete the Department of Physiology Student Supervisor Discussion Form PDF iconannual_assessment.pdf (120.67 KB)

The Supervisor will then provide a completed copy to the student and set up a meeting to discuss progress, student strengths, and areas for improvement over the next year. This form should include overall comments, be signed by both the Supervisor and Student, and submitted to the Graduate Office within two weeks of the Annual Meeting.

Changing Supervisor

In some unusual circumstances, it is necessary for a student to seek a new supervisor in order to either continue their current research or to begin anew in a different laboratory with a new project. Transfers of this sort must be reviewed and approved by the Graduate Coordinator and/or Graduate Studies Committee and will be permitted only once during a student's program. A new Graduate Student - Supervisor Agreement must be completed and signed by the new supervisor and the student, and approved by the Graduate Studies Committee. If such a step is contemplated, it is obviously best to get it over with early in the Program.