PSL1374H - Advanced Physiology Laboratory

Course Coordinator:  Dr. Brian Cox

One lecture per week related to the lab topic with clinical relevance when possible. Laboratories are hands-on experiments utilizing animal and cell models:
1) Molecular endocrinology and gene expression analysis using microarrays, qRT-PCR analysis and bioinformatics;  2) Animal handling, including surgery, cardio-respiration, and liver function; 3) Neuroscience: Measurement of intracellular membrane potential, compound action potential, and nerve conduction.

50% Lab reports 
20% Final exam 
30% Development of a new lab exercise. Students will devise a lab exercise/experiment under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The written work will consist of a description of the experiment, learning objectives, rationale for picking the experiment, goals, procedures, materials list, equipment list, schedule/timing of exercise, cost and sourcing of materials and equipment. The exercise will be defended during a 20 minute oral presentation. 


Teaching Faculty:
B. Cox
A. Giacca
M. Zhuo
C. Collymore (Animial Care)

updated 22-Nov-2016

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