Department of Physiology

PSL1374H - Advanced Physiology Laboratory

Course Coordinator:  Dr. Brian Cox

This course covers theory and practice of modern laboratory methods in physiology.  Three integrated experimental modules use an animal model to investigate the effects of genetic mutation on metabolic, cardiovascular and gene expression.  A fourth module will cover neurophysiological response to drug intervention in a mammalian system.  Students maintain laboratory records of experimental results and submit a manuscript format report. 

20% Written Examination 
10% 1 Lab Report
30% 1 Research manuscript
25% Develop new lab exercise and present written lab book
15% Oral Defense
Students will devise a lab exercise/experiment under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The written work will consist of a description of the experiment, learning objectives, rationale for picking the experiment, goals, procedures, materials list, equipment list, schedule/timing of exercise, cost and sourcing of materials and equipment. The exercise will be defended during a 20 minute oral presentation. 


Teaching Faculty:
B. Cox
A. Giacca
M. Zhuo
C. Collymore (Animial Care)

updated 22-Nov-2017