Department of Physiology

Instructions for Readers

Readers are to follow CIHR guidelines. Readers should follow the criteria delineated in the CIHR Referee's Report Form (copies of these criteria will be supplied by the Graduate Office to each reader). The report should be full and detailed so as to provide the student with a challenging critique.  The students are required to provide a 2-page response to the reviewers' comments.

Readers should temper their rankings based on an understanding of the student's level of experience.

Readers must supply their detailed reviews by the required deadline (30 days from receipt of the Proposal). The reader should send the review to the Graduate office care of the Chair, PhD Research Proposal Committee.

Details Regarding Required Format of Proposal

The proposal forms that need to be completed are in the "CIHR forms for PSL1066H.pdf" file which can be downloaded from the Department website (under Graduate Courses, Forms, PSL1066H and entitled "Grant Proposal Forms 2011"). Please carefully follow all of the instructions included with the downloaded document.

You must also submit the CV module, which should be completed online at:

Please submit 2 paper copies of your application to the Graduate Office by the deadline (October 1 or February 15) as well as an electronic version of your proposal; it is essential that this document be submitted as one PDF document.

In cases where the student must repeat the course, as detailed above, the student should resubmit the entire Proposal, including a response to the reviewers' comments.

All questions about this course should be directed to the Course Coordinator