PSL1022H - Reproductive and Developmental Medicine

Course Coordinators: Theodore J. Brown, Heather Shapiro

This is a seminar-based half course but extended over the entire year.  This graduate course is directed at providing a greater understanding of the physiology and molecular mechanisms underlying common clinical reproductive disorders. The course is open to 8 graduate students working on research related to reproduction.  Eight OB/GYN residents will also participate. The course will meet (not every week) for 2-hour sessions and two faculty members will be assigned to each session, which will consist the following:

  1. A 20-30 minute overview of the topic by the faculty mentors 
  2. A 30 min clinical paper (presented by a graduate student)* + 15 min discussion 
  3. A 30 min basic paper (presented by a clinical trainee)* + 15 min discussion

The goal is to have the clinical trainee and basic science trainee work as a team on related papers and then each present the paper that is not in their field of expertise. At least one of the course coordinators will attend each session with Dr. T. Brown attending all sessions.

Course Format: 

20% - News and Views editorial based upon 2-3 assigned papers (evaluation provided prior to scheduled drop date).
30% - Presentation as evaluated by two faculty mentors (end of term)
15% - Participation in discussions and submitted evaluations of peer presentations (end of term)
35% - Joint review based upon the presentation topic written with the partner presenter (end of term)