Health & Wellness

Graduate school can be a challenging environment. Strive for balance between your academic and personal life, and take care of your mind and body. A variety of services are available on campus to meet your wellness needs.

Graduate Student Health and Wellness Portal

The University of Toronto Health & Wellness Centre offers help with general health, mental health, sexual health, safety, food and nutrition, and how to get disability documentation:

  • Their Peer Support and Workshops help with coping skills, sleep, grief, mindfulness, and other topics.
  • Under Healthy Habits they offer strategies for stress reduction, refueling, staying safe and well, understanding consent, and making friends and building community.
  • Under Emergencies they give contact details for hospitals, after-hours medical clinics, police, and crisis centres.

The Academic Success Centre offers tools, peer support and workshops on learning strategies:

Transition advisors for international students:

Conflict Resolution Centre for graduate students:

U of T’s Accessibility Services provides resources and support for students with disabilities (both temporary and ongoing):

Feel better when working by using ergonomics: occupational-hygiene-safety/ergonomics/

Learn about ergonomics for laptop users:


Health and Wellness Centre (St. George)

214 College St.

Get support in achieving your personal and academic best, including access to a full-service health clinic, counselling services and peer support.

Graduate Wellness Services at SGS

65 St. George St.

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and the Office of Student Life are pleased to announce a new partnership to expand the outreach provided by Health & Wellness to graduate students. To better meet your diverse needs, graduate students have a dedicated space to access counselling services at the School of Graduate Studies. The Wellness Counsellor will offer brief counselling services tailored to the challenges you face. The focus of counselling is on strengths, resiliency, and skills-building.

Healthy Grads

214 College St

Healthy Grads is a student-led peer health education team providing health promotion programming by graduate students for graduate students. The Healthy Grads are passionate about offering health promotion initiatives that address your unique needs by connecting you with services and information to guide you through the graduate experience.

Areas of focus include: mental health, relationships with supervisors, school-to-work transition and balanced living/self care.

Multi-Faith Centre

569 Spadina Ave

The Multi-Faith Centre supports the spiritual well-being of all students on campus and provides opportunities for people to learn from each other while exploring questions of meaning, purpose and identity. Their facilities and programs accommodate a wide variety of spiritual and faith-based practice.

SGS Gym Bursary​

The SGS Gym Bursary is part of a three-year pilot program to promote graduate student wellness. Beginning mid-May 2017, if you are a full-time doctoral-stream student registered on ROSI for the full Summer 2017 session, simply upload your proof of gym membership payment at a St. George campus facility to the SGS Portal on the School of Graduate Studies website. ​

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

214 College Street

If you are an international or exchange student, you will be automatically enrolled in UHIP for the time that you are studying here. Please visit the UHIP office to pick up your card.