Forms for Researchers

Expense Reimbursement:

Travel and Reimbursable Expense Guidelines

ERDD On-Line Link

ERDD On-Line - Instructions:PDF icon ERDD On-Line - Instructions.pdf (421.53 KB)
Expense Claim Form:File exp-reimb-form (3).xlsx (52.18 KB)
Expense Claim Instructions:PDF icon Expense Claim Instructions.pdf (640.16 KB)
Per Diem Claim Form:Microsoft Office document icon Per Diem Claim Form.doc (25.5 KB)

Facilities, Health &Safety, Security:

Accident Reporting Forms

Key Request Form:Microsoft Office document icon Key Request Form.doc (26 KB)

Security Access Card Request Forms:

For access to the MSB perimeter, PC lab, EM suite, NMR and Discovery Commons:

For access to the CFI 3D Imaging Lab (7268, 7363, 7365):

For access to the animal facility (DCM):

Finance & Purchasing:

For purchases under $5K it is strongly recommended that purchasers use uSOURCE or their BMO MasterCards.

Purchases in the range of $5K-24,999K may be made via uSOURCE (preferred) or purchase order.  If a purchaser is not using uSOURCE, a minimum of two written quotes is required.

Purchases in the range of $25K-100K may be made using uSOURCE or purchase order.  If a purchaser is not using uSOURCE, a minimum of three written quotes is required.  

Please use the Invitation to Quote forms below for requesting quotes for goods or services.  

Invitation to Quote - Goods

Invitation to Quote - Services

It is highly recommended that purchasers use uSOURCE whenever possible. No quotes are required, shipping is free, and all steps in the purchasing process can be tracked with ease.

All radioactive isotope purchases MUST be submitted to the Financial Administration office for processing. The acquisition of radioactive isotopes needs to be accounted for by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Radiation Protective Services.

Important Note on Sole Source (Non-Competetive) Procurement:  As of November 2017, Sole Source Procurement was replaced by Limited Tendering. Information on this new process may be found at  All sole source purchases require significant justification and a Limited Tendering and Non-Application Justification Form must be completed.  Before initiating Limited Tendering for sole/single source purchases, purchasers should contact Procurement Services at to request referral to a procurement specialist.  The specialist can advise whether it is appropriate to proceed with sole/single source purchasing and can review requirements, such as supporting documentation, prior to submission to the Finance Administration office.  

Delegation of Signing Authority Form.doc (50.5 KB)

PCard Change Request Form

PCard New Card Request Form

General Office:

Fax Cover Sheet Microsoft Office document icon fax.doc (31.5 KB)
Letterhead Template Microsoft Office document icon Letterhead Template.doc (160 KB)
Seminar Room Booking Form Microsoft Office document icon Seminar Room Booking Form.doc (33 KB)

Human Resources:

*New* COVID-19 Related Absence Reporting Form (Appointed Faculty & Staff)

*New* On-Site Work Reporting Form

Absence Reporting Form (on-line form, appointed staff only)

Casuals Employment Policy:PDF icon policyc.pdf (66.45 KB)

Casual Staffing Request Form (on-line form)

Casual Monthly Timesheet:

Contact Information Update Form (on-line form)

Employee Self Service

Graduate Appointment (for new cross-appointees):Microsoft Office document icon Graduate Appointment.doc (70.5 KB)
Interview Questions (sample):PDF icon interview.pdf (82.62 KB)
Lecturer Hiring Checklist:Microsoft Office document icon Lecturer Hiring Checklist.doc (41 KB)
Recruitment Checklist (USW/PM/Conf):PDF icon Recruitment Checklist.pdf (62.09 KB)
Reference Check (sample) Microsoft Office document icon Reference Check Sample.doc (26 KB)
Research Assoc. Hiring Checklist:Microsoft Office document icon Research Assoc.doc (103 KB)
Summer Student Guidelines:File Summer Research Assistant Guidelines.docx (23.93 KB)

Summer Student Hiring Request Form (on-line form)


Authorization to Cancel - Salary:Microsoft Office document icon cancel.doc (31 KB)
Authorization to Pay - Honorarium:Microsoft Office document icon honorarium.doc (36 KB)
Authorization to Pay - Salary:Microsoft Office document icon salary.doc (32 KB)
Bank Authorization Form (for direct deposit):PDF icon deposit.pdf (73.78 KB)

Payroll Schedule 2017  

Small Trader's Certificate:PDF icon Small Trader's Certificate.pdf (11.41 KB)


Volunteer Guidelines 2009:Microsoft Office document icon Volunteer Guidelines 2009.doc (45.5 KB)
Volunteer Offer Letter:Microsoft Office document icon Volunteer Offer Letter_2018.doc (164 KB)