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FIRST TIME USERS: If this is your first time using the on-line Contact Information Update Form, PLEASE COMPLETE THE ENTIRE FORM. On subsequent uses of the form, you will only need to complete fields for which your information is changing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CONFIDENTIALITY: Information collected on this form will automatically be sent to the Departmental Business Manager. The information will be used only to update your personnel record and will not be accessible to unauthorized persons. In the event of an emergency, your contact information may be shared with the Chair of the Department (or a designate, as needed) to follow the University's emergency communication protocol.

Please use the calendar icon to select an effective date for the change.
Please complete only those fields for which your information has changed (or will be changing as of the effective date entered). For example, if you are only updating your home phone number, you only need to make an entry in the 'Home Phone # ' field. All other fields can be left blank.
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Emergency Contact Information

Please provide the name and telephone number of someone we may contact on your behalf in the event of an emergency.

Please indicate this person's relationship to you (eg. spouse/partner, parent, friend, etc.)