NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards


Physiology's quota this year is 3 awards.

USRA application information will be captured from the NSERC On-line System. Therefore, all applications MUST be completed by students and their supervisors online (https://ebiz.nserc.ca/nserc_web/nserc_login_e.htm). Applications must be submitted online and then be printed for submission to Research Services. Those prepared by any other means (e.g., handwritten or manually typewritten) will NOT be accepted

List of Physiology Department NSERC Grantees: Drs. D. Belsham, P. Carlen, B. Cox, Z-P Feng, P. Franklin, A. Gramolini, ZP Jia, S. Josselyn, A. Jurisicova, E. Lambe, S. Matthews, J. Min, S. Prescott, S. Sugita, L-Y Wang, A. Wheeler

Students must approach a grantee and request to apply to this award with him/her.

Complete the latest version of the application form (Part 1) online. Follow the instructions and adhere to NSERC's General Presentation Guideline. HANDWRITTEN APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Please submit an official transcript and complete the following forms:

Award Value: $4,500 plus a minimum 25% supplement ($1,125) provided by the department. Any Supplement above this level may be set at the department’s or supervisor’s discretion. Departments may provide fringe benefits.

Sources of supplements: NSERC grants, other research funds (non-NSERC) and university sources.

Travel allowances may be granted by NSERC if the award is taken up at a university other than the one the student is currently registered at. These are taxable contributions. The supervisor or department must cover any additional costs related to the field work (e.g., travel expenses).

NSERC will not reimburse the University for any period in which the student worked part-time. In addition, it will not approve any payment for any vacation days taken during the tenure of the award.

Duration: 16 full consecutive weeks (similar to co-op work terms). For USRA work terms shorter than 16 weeks: NSERC’s approval is required prior to the beginning of the work term. Departments must submit any short work term requests along with a justification to Research Services as soon as possible.

No provision for sick leave, vacation or other interruptions of awards. Should a work term be terminated early, NSERC must be informed.

Awards may not be deferred.

Tenure at Another Location: Quotas are not transferable from one university to another. Students may apply at any eligible university. The supervisor must be a faculty member at the university where the student holds the USRA.

USRA Workterm at UofT: The University of Toronto administers this program in the summer term only, between May 1st and September 30th of each year and must fall on a weekday.


  • Applicants must have completed a minimum of two terms at the time of application and by the start of the work term in May.
  • Awards made to aboriginal students will be in addition to your department's quota.
  • As these awards are competitive, departments are strongly urged to nominate only the most deserving students who can commit to the completion of the full 16-week work term.
  • The official transcript is a required document and must be included with the nomination packages. A certified ROSI (by the Chair or his designate) can be submitted only to expedite the verification of the CGPAs; the original transcript should be forwarded as soon as available.
  • Students must also upload a PDF copy of the transcript on NSERC’s online system when completing their application. (To ensure the authenticity of the official transcript, we recommend that the Undergraduate Coordinator make a PDF copy of the transcript for the eligible students to upload to the NSERC application)
  • PIs should supervise students at the department where they hold their primary appointments and/or where their NSERC grants are held. Quotas are not transferrable between departments. PIs with cross-appointments at other departments can supervise students at those departments with approval from the Chair.
  • All applications must be accompanied by a Student/Supervisor Certification Form and must bear the ORIGINAL signatures of the student, the supervisor.
  • Start dates should not begin on a weekend/holiday and not before May 1st. Dates on the form and nomination table should match.
  • Departments must be prepared to continue to employ any student(s) who may be rejected by NSERC.


  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Registered either full-time or part-time (at the time of application) in a bachelor's degree program in at least one of the two terms immediately before holding the award. NSERC, however, expects that full-time students will hold most awards.
  • Must have obtained, over the previous years of study, a cumulative average of at least second class (a grade of "B" or “B-“, if applicable)
  • Must have completed, at the time of application (by March 12, 2019), a minimum of two academic terms/semesters.
  • Already holds a bachelor's degree and is studying towards a second bachelor's degree in the natural sciences or engineering.
  • Graduating students, in the term immediately following the completion of their undergraduate program requirements, as long as they have not started a program of graduate studies.
  • Be engaged on a full-time basis in research and development activities in the natural sciences or engineering during the award tenure.
  • A student may hold only one USRA per fiscal year and a maximum of three (3) USRAs throughout his/her university career.


  • First-year students are excluded from the competition.
  • Foreign or international students.
  • Currently enrolled in an undergraduate professional degree program in health sciences (e.g. MD, BScPm, D.D.S., BScN).
  • Holds higher degrees in the natural sciences and engineering.

PHYSIOLOGY DEPARTMENTAL DEADLINE: Friday, March 1, 2019. Please submit application package to the Medical Sciences Bldg. Room 3209, Attention, Eva Eng by 12:00 p.m. on this date. Late applications will not be considered.