John Roder: A Triumph of Mind

REMEMBERING JOHN RODER (July 17, 1950 – January 6, 2018) JOHN RODER: A Triumph of Mind By Harold L. Atwood and John Georgiou
Mar 21 / 2018

IN THE NEWS - Paula Smellie

As Black History Month wraps up, The Bulletin Brief published a poignant response from Paula Smellie in its Feb 28th edition. Photo by Veronica Zaretski
Mar 2 / 2018

Prof. Tim Bliss, FRS - Adjunct Appointment

We are delighted to announce that Professor Tim V.P. Bliss FRS has been appointed Adjunct Professor effective March 1, 2018 for a three-year term.
Feb 22 / 2018

Dr. Zhengping Jia - Learning and Memory

Learning and memory are crucial parts of human cognition, yet the biological processes that govern how we learn and store different types of memories are poorly understood. Although a cellular process called synaptic plasticity has long been thought to contribute to learning and memory, many of the neural mechanisms behind synaptic plasticity have remained unclear.
Jan 12 / 2018
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