U of T Teaching Academy

Our large physiology courses, PSL300H, PSL301H and PSL201Y were three of ten U of T courses this past academic year to use Team Up! a web-based app that is designed to promote active learning. Team Up! allows students to sign in with their own electronic devices to form groups and to submit group answers to questions posed. The game-like nature of Team Up! is fun while promoting deeper discussions and peer teaching. Student marks are automatically uploaded to Quercus.
Jun 13 / 2019

Macallum & FIP Highlights

Message from Dr. Scott Heximer, Interim Chair It was really wonderful to see so many people at the Macallum Lecture and FIP.  Our sincere thanks again to Dr. Richard Palmiter for visiting us and delivering two superb lectures. His visit was the highlight of our academic year!
May 23 / 2019

CPS Update

I was delighted by the fantastic turnout at the CPS symposium that was held at Hart house on Tuesday. The purpose of the meeting was to recognize the outstanding contributions that two Canadian physiologists have made through the award of the Sarrazin and Stevenson lectures, to promote interdisciplinary, cross-platform physiological research and, to give trainees the opportunity to present talks and discuss their work at a poster session.
May 23 / 2019

Send-Off Party

Thank you to everyone who came out to Graham Collingridge’s “send-off” party on April 30th. It was a great event! Our best wishes again to Graham as he begins his new role as Director of the Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases (CRND).  
May 23 / 2019