Article Commemorating John F. MacDonald

By Dr. Michael F. Jackson et al.
Aug 8 / 2016

Dr. Stephen Lye in the News

June 22, 2016 (Toronto) –  Blood test identifies women at risk of preterm delivery as early as 17 weeks of pregnancy. Researchers in Calgary and Toronto have developed a blood test that detects if a pregnant woman is at risk of delivering her baby prematurely. With an 86 per cent accuracy rate, the new test is more accurate than any existing procedures, said the Sinai Health System in a release.
Jul 25 / 2016

Dr. Wheeler in the News

Researchers at the University of Toronto and Kaiser Permamente have discovered a simple, accurate new way to predict which women with gestational diabetes will develop type 2 diabetes after delivery. The discovery would allow health care providers to identify women at greatest risk and help motivate women to make early lifestyle changes and follow other strategies that could prevent them from developing the disease later in life. 
Jun 28 / 2016

CAN Satellite Symposium Update

Jun 3 / 2016
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