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International Exchange Program in Developmental and Perinatal Biology

Joint course between the University of Toronto and the Karolinska Institute, Sweden - 20th Anniversary
August 22-27, 2016 in Toronto, Canada

Welcome to Developmental & Perinatal Biology 2016. This will be the 20th annual exchange in developmental and perinatal biology between the University of Toronto and the Karolinska Institute. The research course has been developed to provide a broad based interdisciplinary training for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, clinical fellows and residents in the area of developmental biology from both basic science and clinical perspectives. The workshop combines a lecture/seminar program with an active research component. The course is also offered as a component of a Graduate course (PSL1080H) in the Department of Physiology at the University of Toronto.

This year, the University of Toronto – Karolinska Institute Exchange course in Developmental and Perinatal Biology will take place in Toronto, August 22-27, 2016.

The course is open to all trainees (Graduate students, Postdoctoral Fellows, Residents and Clinical Fellows) at The University of Toronto and combines cutting edge lectures, seminars and practical sessions in the areas of:

- Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
- Pregnancy & Birth
- Developmental Neurobiology
- Cardiovascular Development
- Pulmonary Development
- Developmental Origins of Health & Disease

(Note: for U of T credit, this course can be taken in conjunction with PSL 1080H).

APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 10, 2016, Space is limited so please apply early!Registration Form - 2016.doc (35.5 KB)

Dr. S. G. Matthews
Professor, Physiology, Ob-Gyn and Medicine

Organizing Committee for 2016

Information about the 2016 Exchange Program

EXCHANGE BOOKLET 2016Booklet - August 2016.pdf (414.26 KB)

EXCHANGE BOOKLET 2014 Karolinska Booklet 2014.pdf (274.29 KB)

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