Health & Wellness

Graduate school can be a challenging environment. Strive for balance between your academic and personal life, and take care of your mind and body. A variety of services are available on campus to meet your wellness needs.

Health and Wellness Program School of Graduate Studies:
The University of Toronto Health & Wellness Centre offers help with general health, mental health, sexual health, safety, food and nutrition, and how to get disability documentation:

  • Their Peer Support and Workshops help with coping skills, sleep, grief, mindfulness, and other topics.
  • Under Healthy Habits they offer strategies for stress reduction, refueling, staying safe and well, understanding consent, and making friends and building community.
  • Under Emergencies they give contact details for hospitals, after-hours medical clinics, police, and crisis centres.

The Academic Success Centre offers tools, peer support and workshops on learning strategies:

Transition advisors for international students:

Conflict Resolution Centre for graduate students:

U of T’s Accessibility Services provides resources and support for students with disabilities (both temporary and ongoing):

Feel better when working by using ergonomics: occupational-hygiene-safety/ergonomics/

Learn about ergonomics for laptop users:

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