Peter PennefatherPhD
Neuroscience Platform

Contact Info

T. (416) 978-6607


University of Toronto, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, 144 College Street
ON, M5S 2S2

Research Interests

Regulation of cell membrane ion channels and intracellular ion levels and dynamics; Raw Data Research; Global Health Quality




Primary: Pharmacy


Research Synopsis:

Keywords: Synaptic Currents / K+ channels / Calcium Signals / Calcium activated / Computer Simulations of Ionic Signals/ Health Systems/ Malaria/ Fluorescence Microscopy/ Salience Circuits/ Pain Management

Detailed Description of Current Research:
My current research focuses on wellness-relevant on raw data research and on global knowledge sharing within health systems. This work occurs within the Wellbeing-Related Raw Data Research Center (WR-RDRC) and the Laboratory for Collaborative Diagnostics (LCD) and the ( located in the Dan Pharmacy Building. Collaborative diagnostics is an approach to monitoring, interpreting, and communicating diagnostic data in ways that co-locates primary data measuring proxies of health and disease or other biomedical constructs with multi author sense-making narratives and all of the other metadata needed to interpret and give meaning to primary diagnostic data. A specific focus of the LCD is on how meaning can be derived from interpretation of cell physiology related diagnostic and observational research data and how that interpretive process can be supported using commodity consumer electronic technologies and the open Internet. As a recently developed focus that aims to complement to the LCD, the WR-RDRC has been established to support and carry out data research on raw data used in development, production, distribution and utilization of wellness related products and services, especially those derived from biometric sensors and interview strategies aimed at resolving quality-of-life/wellbeing metrics. These two entities works with several collaborators, institutions, and companies to develop new procedures for aggregating, annotating, and simplifying distributed, digital, diagnostic data needed for diagnosis of global health grand challenges. Initial work was seeded through a CIHR New Technology award in 2006. Subsequently, operations have been self-funded drawing on revenue from the sale of a patent for LED based epi-fluorescence microscopy to Carl Zeiss International Inc (USPTO #6,154,282). Together with Dr West Suhanic, co-founder of the LCD and CEO of affiliated gDial Inc., we are developing the BioTIFF software platform for managing petabytes of big raw data and the Intercase hardware platform ( and an open computer web server design to host it.


Fatima Lahka


Within the Department of Physiology
Frances Skinner

Outside the Department of Physiology
Ian Crandall, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

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