2018 Graduate Opportunities

faculty research theme/website Postion(s) institution/location
Adeli, Khosrow http://www.sickkids.ca/Research/Adeli-Lab/index.html MSc Hospital for Sick Children
Bear, Christine http://www.sickkids.ca/Research/Bear-Lab/index.html PhD Hospital for Sick Children
Caniggia, Isabella Pregnancy preeclampsia placenta development Either Lunenfeld- Tanenbaum Research Institute
Collingridge, Graham http://www.lunenfeld.ca/researchers/collingridge Both Lunenfeld- Tanenbaum Research Institute
Cox, Brian http://www.physiology.utoronto.ca/content/brian-cox Either Medical Sciences Building
dos Santos, Claudia http://stmichaelshospitalresearch.ca/labs/dos-santos/ Either St. Michael's Hospital
Eubanks, James

Our laboratory investigates mechanisms and therapeutic intervention possibilities in animal
Models of neurodevelopment disorders. We conduct assays that range from transgenesis
rocedures and biochemistry in cell culture assays to animal behaviour and EEG activity
monitoring in mouse models. Previous experience in these types of assays would be beneficial,
but is not a requisite.

Either Krembil Research Institute
Feng, Zhong-Ping https://www.fenglab.ca/zpfeng PhD Medical Sciences Building
Giacca, Adria http://physiology.webservices.utoronto.ca/res/list/giacca.htm Either Medical Sciences Building
Gramolini, Anthony http://individual.utoronto.ca/gramolini/
Projects in cardiovascular proteomics and cell biology of the myocyte in the regulation
of the specialized sarcoplasmic reticule in cardiac muscle will be explored.  Techniques
in protein chemistry, mass spectrometry, cell biology, and advanced microscopy will be undertaken.
Both MaRS
Heximer, Scott http://www.physiology.utoronto.ca/content/scott-heximer

G-protein signaling in cardiovascular tissues, heart disease, arrhythmias, cardiac fibrosis

Either MaRS
Horner, Richard https://www.physiology.utoronto.ca/content/richard-horner Either Medical Sciences Building
Jia, Zhengping http://www.sickkids.ca/AboutSickKids/Directory/People/J/
MSc Hospital for Sick Children
Jones, Nicola http://www.sickkids.ca/AboutSickKids/Directory/People/J/Nicola-Jones.html Either Hospital for Sick Children
Josselyn, Sheena


Either Hospital for Sick Children
Jurisicova, Andrea http://www.lunenfeld.ca/researchers/jurisicova PhD Lunenfeld- Tanenbaum Research Institute
Lam, Tony https://www.uhnresearch.ca/researcher/tony-k-t-lam Both Toronto General Hospital Research Institute
Lambe, Evelyn http://individual.utoronto.ca/Lambe_Lab/ Both Medical Sciences Building
Liu, Fang https://www.physiology.utoronto.ca/content/fang-liu Either Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Liu, Mingyao https://www.uhnresearch.ca/researcher/mingyao-liu PhD Toronto General Hospital Research Institute
Lye, Stephen http://www.physiology.utoronto.ca/content/stephen-lye PhD Lunenfeld- Tanenbaum Research Institute
Matthews, Stephen http://matthews.utoronto.ca/ Both Medical Sciences Building
McGowan, Patrick http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~pmcgowan/ Both UTSC
Min, Jinrong https://www.thesgc.org/profile/toronto/jmin MSc MaRS
Monnier, Philippe CNS development Either Krembil Research Institute
Ni, Heyu http://stmichaelshospitalresearch.ca/researchers/heyu-ni/ Either St. Michael's Hospital
Pausova, Zdenka http://www.sickkids.ca/AboutSickKids/Directory/People/P/
PhD Hospital for Sick Children
Post, Martin http://lab.research.sickkids.ca/post/ Either Hosptial for Sick Children
Prescott, Steven http://prescottlab.ca/ MSc Peter Gilgan Center for Research & Learning
Rosenblum, Norman http://lab.research.sickkids.ca/rosenblum/ Both Hospital for Sick Children
Seed, Mike http://www.sickkids.ca/AboutSickKids/Directory/People/S/
MSc Hospital for Sick Children
Subbarao, Padmaja http://www.sickkids.ca/AboutSickKids/Directory/People/S/
MSc Hospital for Sick Children
Sugita, Shuzo Synaptic transmission and plasticity, vesicular exocytosis
from neuronal and immune cells
Either Krembil Research Institute
Wang, Lu-Yang http://www.sickkids.ca/AboutSickKids/Directory/People/W/
PhD Hospital for Sick Children
Wheeler, Anne https://lab.research.sickkids.ca/wheeler/ MSc Hospital for Sick Children
Wheeler, Michael http://physiology.utoronto.ca/content/mike-wheeler Both Medical Sciences Building
Zhang, Haibo http://stmichaelshospitalresearch.ca/researchers/haibo-zhang/ Both St. Michael's Hospital
Zhen, Mei

Developmental neuroscience & Systems neuroscience

PhD Lunenfeld- Tanenbaum Research Institute
Zhuo, Min http://individual.utoronto.ca/zhuo/ PhD Medical Sciences Building

Remarks:   Updated as of April 18, 2018. 

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